Our Store

805 Emporium, formerly 805 Gift Emporium, is reopening with a new location and a new look. lt was a hard and sad goodbye when 805 Gift Emporium had to close its doors over a year ago. Owner Nancy Farrar missed her customers and the store so much and has been grateful for the many who kept in touch as the months went by. New husband, Larry Drake decided not only could they be life partners but business partners as well. A building became available that they thought might work. After redoing the interior, the shop was ready for the Grand Opening last November, 2019. You are invited to come see what’s happening. They have your favorite wonderful greeting cards, vintage items, antique furniture, seasonal decor and gifts. The inspiration department will be increasing in the next few months as well.

Go say hello and see what’s new at the 805 Emporium, now located at 2500 Channel Drive, at the end of Howard St. Look for the Turquoise door. Store phone number is 805-658-0805.

The hours are 11:00 – 4:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shopping other than store hours is available by call 805-340-4393 for a shopping appointment.

See you there!

Our Team

Our relatively “mature” crew collectively represents highly experienced retailers, shippers, and crafters, with plenty of artistic talent, entrepreneurial experience, and the work ethic of a former generation. At a time when many wish to retire and relax, this wonderful and slightly workaholic group have no such desire. When the word went out that 805 Gift Emporium was forming, they all appeared, some from their retirement and some from their own businesses, wanting to know how they could help. We went to work with group suggestions, selections and their expertise to make 805 Gift Emporium the best it could be. Our team is dedicated and eager to serve you.

The Owner

805 Gift Emporium owner is Nancy Farrar, a dedicated retailer. She is constantly working with vendors to find new products that will make customers happy. After years of retail management experience Nancy became enamored with the idea of an Emporium; and with gusto and the help of “a village” embarked on the journey.

The name 805 Gift Emporium came about because Nancy has always wanted her own retail store and it “had to be” an Emporium to allow for the wonderful variety implied in the name. The younger of the family around our area say “it’s all about the 805” (which is our area code), so to create a business name with personal meaning, the 805 Gift Emporium was born.

Nancy and team are standing by for the opportunity to serve you. Come right in and make yourself at home!

2500 Channel Dr.
Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 658-0805

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